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Reference charts for the Daniel Smith Split Group (on Facebook)


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We started these splits during a transitional period - 8 new colors were coming in, and a few Primateks were being discontinued. So there's no one perfect chart on the DS website that we can use for reference. I spent days combining old and new DS charts in photoshop and labeling them with our split key. I hope they are useful!

This PDF file contains three charts:

  1. A hand watercolored chart of the full DS line / splits, except split I. I painted die cut hexagons (this is NOT a hex chart - the shapes helped me with alignment :) ) and arranged them in the order Jane Blundell groups the DS line in - I loved her notes on each color group and her post on that will be a good reference for all of us. 
  2. DS Chart of the full line before the new 2017 colors, labeled with our split key. This chart is nice because it gives the lighfastness ratings, opacity, staining, granulating, etc. 
  3. DS chart of the new 2017 colors + Split I. (during which I noticed that we are missing the two pearlescent colors - GRR).